Be courteous to others on the beach

//Be courteous to others on the beach

Be courteous to others on the beach

Do you practice good beach etiquette when you visit the Alabama beaches? We don’t like to push too many rules on our visitors, but a little common courtesy goes a long way when you’re sharing the sand with other folks.

You wouldn’t want to be suddenly covered with sand, so be sure to shake out your towel downwind of others rather than giving them a mouthful.

Keep the tunes down. You may love your music, but that doesn’t mean everyone around you shares your musical preference. Pack your earbuds or just keep the volume low.

Don’t distract the lifeguard. Their job is to watch others and keep beachgoers safe.

Keep an eye on your own kids. The beach is not a place to expect a village to watch your children. Teach your children to be respectful of other people’s beach site and gear. Encourage them to watch where they’re throwing the Frisbee or football.

Do NOT feed the birds. Encouraging sea gulls to come around only makes them a nuisance for everyone. And it’s not healthy for the birds to rely on human food.

Watch the language. Not everyone is okay with foul language, whether around themselves or their children. Let’s keep it G-rated at the beach. We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly venue.

Pick up your trash, including cigarette butts. In fact, return your beach site to the way it was before you got there, or better. No one wants to walk up on a spot full of holes, plastic bottles or left-behind beach toys.

The best advice is to follow the age-old Golden Rule: Treat others at the beach like you’d want to be treated.

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