Don’t bring it to the beach!

//Don’t bring it to the beach!

Don’t bring it to the beach!

For a visit to the beach, you pack toys, sunscreen, towels and an ice chest. There are, however, some things that should not be brought to our coast. And there’s a good reason for it.

Items not allowed at the beach include glass containers, metal shovels, litter, tents or other structures larger than 12 feet by 12 feet. Also prohibited are overnight camping, fireworks, loud music, fires, pets and vehicles.

It’s obvious why you can’t bring glass to the beach. No one wants to step barefoot on a piece of broken glass from a bottle. It’s also a hazard for wildlife.

Fires can be dangerous as well, and fireworks leave behind a lot of litter that is difficult to clean up.

Alcohol is not allowed on public beaches in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.

Please keep in mind that even the items that are allowed – including umbrellas, beach chairs and smaller canopies – are prohibited overnight. You must take everything with you when you leave each day.

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