Native species to spot at the beach

//Native species to spot at the beach

Native species to spot at the beach

Alabama consistently ranks in the top five states for overall biodiversity of plants and animals. Did you know any of these interesting facts?

  • Among the state’s 4,500 species are some rare types found along our coast, including the white-topped pitcher plant, gopher tortoise, Alabama beach mouse, eastern diamondback rattlesnake and red-cockaded woodpecker.
  • Twenty species of whales and dolphins live in the Gulf of Mexico. And another mammal, the West Indian manatee, can be spotted in our area as well.
  • More than 400 species of shells are found along gulf beaches, and 400 species of birds have been recorded in our state.
  • An ideal time to catch sight of butterflies is April, when the monarch butterfly migration comes through our area. You can spot these beautiful creatures at Gulf State Park, Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge or Fort Morgan Historic Site.
  • Our aquatic biodiversity also ranks high with an abundance of freshwater fish, mussels, turtles, snails and a whopping 83 species of crawfish. There are 73 native amphibians, including the greenhouse frog that can be found only in Baldwin and Mobile counties.

Want to learn more about our native species? Check in with the Bon Secour Wildlife Refuge or Gulf State Park.

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