Thank you for practicing a “Leave Only Footprints” lifestyle. The following simple steps will also help you protect our clean island during your stay:
  • Avoid walking on any beach vegetation. Plant roots hold together the fragile dunes.
  • Explore away from bird nesting areas. Nests may be located in the ground and camouflaged to resemble the surrounding environment, so please watch your step!
  • Consider the best type of transportation to see the island: your feet! Walking is not only a great form of exercise, but it’s an eco-friendly way to experience the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Slip on those flip flops, grab your brightest beach towel, and find the best place to plant your umbrella to enjoy a day of fun in the sun on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

And after you have whiled away the hours on the sugar-white sand – so soft and clean it even squeaks under your feet – remember to take your memories . . . and leave only footprints.

Pack up the beach chairs, gather the beach toys, fold and carry out the tent, and recycle or throw away all trash in a designated receptacle. All abandoned items will be removed for the protection of our beaches, local wildlife, and the many visitors we want to enjoy our clean coast for generations to come.

Based on Leave No Trace principles, this policy exists to ensure the health of our pristine white-sand beaches, the beachgoers who enjoy them, and the diverse wildlife that depends on them. Among other species, clean island practices protect the sea turtles nesting along the shores of the Gulf Coast from May through October. For more information, visit

City of Gulf Shores Ordinance
City of Orange Beach Ordinance

Keep up the good work!

Check out these examples of folks enjoying our pristine Alabama coastline – while exercising good beach behavior!