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22 04, 2020

What do flags on the beach mean? 

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Before entering the water, it’s important to note what color flag is flying near the shore. The flags are there to alert us to the condition of the water. They inform us regarding whether it’s safe to swim, including warnings of marine pests. The United States Lifesaving Association and the International Lifesaving Federation developed a flag warning system to inform swimmers of water hazards. Below is the definition of each so you will know the meaning on your next beach trip.   Yellow Flag Meaning: Medium hazard  Moderate surf and/or currents [...]

15 04, 2020

Sea turtle nesting season is May through October  

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Each year sea turtles return to our beaches to nest. After returning to the coast where they were born, the female sea turtles make their way onto the beach and dig a hole to lay their eggs. The two types of sea turtles that nest on the Alabama coast are the loggerhead, which can grow to 200 pounds and an average length of three feet, and the Kemp’s ridley that can grow to two feet and weigh 100 pounds. In 2019, a rare green sea turtle also nested in Orange Beach!    Since the establishment of the Leave Only Footprints program, both of their numbers continue [...]

6 04, 2020

Teaching kids to Leave Only Footprints 

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Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, whales and other marine mammals, as well as more than 1 million seabirds, die each year from ocean pollution, including ingestion of or entanglement in marine debris. Let’s teach our children by example how to stop being litterbugs and to Leave Only Footprints everywhere they go.   The Leave Only Footprints program exists to raise awareness and participation in green initiatives and Leave No Trace https://lnt.org/learn/7-principles behaviors among visitors and residents of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.   Our resources are precious. So to take this initiative a step further, we ask that you teach [...]

3 04, 2020

Wearing a life jacket can save your life

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Just like a safety belt can’t save you unless you buckle up, the same goes for a life vest: If you are not wearing it, it can’t save your life. The U.S. Coast Guard’s 2018 Recreational Boating Statistics Report indicates that, where the cause of death could be determined, 77 percent of fatal boating accident victims drowned. And of those whose life jacket use could be determined, 84 percent were not wearing one. According to the Coast Guard, almost half [...]

16 01, 2020

Eco-Friendly Mardi Gras Celebration

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Mardi Gras is easily one of the favorite times of the year for locals and tourists along the Gulf Coast. In this season of plenty, great food, drinks and beads are the main themes for fun. But it can also become a very wasteful event. As we approach the 2020 Mardi Gras season, keep the following tips in mind to make it an eco-friendly celebration. When you yell “Throw me something, mister,” be sure to save your haul, then give [...]

10 01, 2020

Green Fishing Tips

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Green, eco-friendly fishing practices guarantee there will be populations of ocean and freshwater fish for the future. Below are 10 tips regarding what you can incorporate on your next fishing trip. Take a trash bag or extra grocery store bag along with you on your trip. It’s really handy for any trash you create, from bait containers and fishing line to food wrappers. It also works out well if you come across garbage on or near the water. Be proactive and [...]

6 01, 2020

New Year’s Resolutions — Simple Ways to Reduce Waste and Go Green at Work

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The beginning of a new year comes with much promise and hope. We often set forth with new resolutions to make a positive change in our lives. What if you could make one change that would help the entire planet for years to come? Would you do it? What if we told you it was simple? Intriguing, right? One small thing you can do that will make a huge impact is to reduce paper waste at work! A whopping 70% [...]

3 01, 2020

Why you should skip the straw (Jan 3, Drinking Straw Day)

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We all know plastic waste is a huge problem for our planet. Many restaurants along the coast and other areas are switching from plastic straws to an eco-friendly alternative like bamboo straws to help make a difference along the Gulf Coast. Plastic straws not only end up in the waste stream, but can also end up in waterways, ultimately injuring wildlife. Many of you have seen the devastating video of a sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck up his [...]

31 05, 2019

Learning about the environment with kid-friendly activities

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With warm temperatures and longer days, springtime is the right time to head to the beach! Take your umbrellas, beach chairs, snacks, and drinks — but be sure to Leave Only Footprints when you leave for the day. Family days at the beach can be full of sandcastles, games, and dips in the Gulf. You can make the memories of a lifetime along the white-sand beaches. Children and adults alike love to frolic along the pristine shores and watch the [...]

24 05, 2019

Don’t overheat at the beach

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The last Friday in May is National Heat Awareness Day. For those of you who don’t know, it gets hot — very hot — in the South. Particularly in coastal Alabama, where the heat and humidity work together to create a double whammy. If you aren’t used to dealing with this weather, it can be a potentially critical issue. Heat exhaustion and dehydration can cause fatalities. A few ways to prepare for this mix of sun, heat, wind, and water include [...]