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21 06, 2017

Please re-fill your holes in the sand

By |June 21st, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

Beach-goers, especially kids, love digging in the sand. They bring their buckets and plastic shovels and get to work.

But the holes can cause problems. The most obvious one is that holes – of any size – left unattended can be a tripping hazard for anyone walking on the beach at night.

For that reason, digging big holes (more than one-foot deep) is prohibited in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. In addition, metal shovels are not allowed on beaches in either city, […]

14 06, 2017

Beach safety tips

By |June 14th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

We want everyone who visits our Alabama beaches to be safe and healthy. It’s not hard, but it does take planning ahead.

Here is a rundown of safety concerns and how to prepare yourself and your family.

Avoid heat exhaustion or heatstroke. Any time you have hot temperatures like we do on the Alabama coast, there is a potential for heatstroke. To avoid the risk at the beach, drink plenty of liquids that are not alcoholic, like water or juice. Keep your […]

13 06, 2017

Sea turtle nesting/safety facts

By |June 13th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

Do you ever wonder what’s the big deal about sea turtle nesting season on the Alabama coast? The more you learn about these creatures, the more fascinating they become. And you’ll want to do your part to keep our sea turtle hatchlings safe.

Each year, thousands of endangered sea turtles make their way to our state’s shores. The species we see most often on Alabama beaches are loggerheads, known for their large heads and blunt, powerful jaws. But other species that […]

30 05, 2017

Know Before you go: What do the Flag Colors Mean?

By |May 30th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

A day may be sunny and the water beautiful, but high surf and/or strong currents can create a dangerous time to go into the Gulf of Mexico. When you visit the beach, you don’t want to take unnecessary risks. Yes, playing in those big waves can be fun, but be aware of the warnings.

Take a few moments to learn about each color of the flag warning system.

A green flag indicates a low hazard. That’s a great day to take […]

24 05, 2017

Do you Share the Beach?

By |May 24th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

How much do you know about the Share the Beach program? While thousands of families converge on our beautiful beaches each year for their summer vacation, so do thousands of sea turtles.

Starting in May, female sea turtles make their way hundreds of miles to our shores to lay eggs, which hatch between July and October. Once they hatch, the young sea turtles must make their way to the Gulf of Mexico. That’s when they need our help.

Hatchlings are vulnerable. First, […]

17 05, 2017

Meet a Member of the Orange Beach Patrol

By |May 17th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

If you’re out and about on the beach, you may run into someone who shares the rules of the beach. Don’t be alarmed. There’s a good chance you are meeting a member of the city’s beach patrol.

Lisa Graham of Orange Beach has been involved with the Leave Only Footprints beach patrol program since its inception in July 2015.

She had patrolled the beach for 15 years as a Share The Beach sea turtle volunteer, and in that capacity she witnessed local beaches at […]

10 05, 2017

Have you run into a beach ambassador in Orange Beach?

By |May 10th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

Two years ago, Alabama beaches celebrated a record number of tourists, but those beaches were also overrun with abandoned umbrellas, beach chairs, tents and water toys. Officials looked for how to improve what some guests called the “deplorable” conditions of the beach. In Orange Beach, the beach ambassador initiative was born.

Starting with a four-person staff, there are now nine beach ambassadors who walk the beach during daytime hours, seven days a week. Mike Kimmerling, who runs the beach ambassadors program […]

26 04, 2017

Why use a beach vendor for chairs/umbrellas

By |April 26th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

When you get to the Alabama coast, you want to get out to the beach as quickly as possible. We understand that. One of the things you can do to make your trip smoother and more enjoyable is to leave the beach chairs and umbrellas at home. They just take up a lot of room in your vehicle.

When you get to the beach, use a service such as Ike’s or Perdido Beach Services. You can rent chairs, umbrellas, and even kayaks and […]

19 04, 2017

The legend of the sand dollar

By |April 19th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

Have you ever found a whole sand dollar on the beach? Lots of folks look for them, but it’s a treasure when you find one still intact.

Sand dollars are actually burrowing sea urchins. When they wash up on the beach and are bleached by the sun, they look like a large silver coin, hence the moniker.

A legend about these creatures says they represent the story of Christ:

On the top of the shell is a symbol that looks like a star, a […]

12 04, 2017

Be responsible when you see marine life in the wild

By |April 12th, 2017|Blog|0 Comments

Visitors to the Alabama coast love to watch dolphins and other marine life in the wild. It is truly an amazing, breathtaking sight to experience.

Often, dolphins can be admired from the beach. But when we venture out on a boat, we humans can be too much for them. When we approach wild dolphins too closely, move too fast or make too much noise, we risk disturbing their natural behaviors such as migration, breathing, nursing, breeding, feeding and sheltering.

No one wants […]