How to build a top-notch sandcastle

//How to build a top-notch sandcastle

How to build a top-notch sandcastle

Want to build a sandcastle while visiting Gulf Shores and Orange Beach? We’re all for it. In case you need some tips, we got some from experts.

First, find the perfect spot. It should be close to the water to get that firm, wet sand, but not so close your creation will get washed away. Experienced sandcastle builders know the sand must be wet to make a good form.

Second, put those sand buckets and shovels to good use. Fill the pails with gulf water and dump them on the spot where you want to build. A good moat between the castle and the water’s edge helps protect your work.

Next, get everyone in on the fun. Kids love playing in the sand. Children can also be quite creative in their castle designs, so let their imaginations soar. The creation doesn’t even have to be a castle. Instead, it can be a sand sculpture. Encourage the crew to think outside the box.

Last, use tools that are readily available. Yes, you can buy buckets and pails made specifically for sandcastle construction, but you can also use plastic cups, spoons and other items that are handy. But please fill in any holes you create, to keep it safe for people and wildlife.

Check out tips from these expert castle-builders. Then get down to the beach and start constructing your own.

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