Know before you go when you plan a spring getaway

//Know before you go when you plan a spring getaway

Know before you go when you plan a spring getaway

In just 10 or 15 minutes, you can go online and book an amazing spring visit to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Whether it’s a long weekend or a full week, you and your family get to enjoy all the sun, sand and surf our area provides.

It takes about that same amount of time to pack up your chairs, cooler, beach toys and umbrella after your day on the sand. And it’s important you do that. If you’ve visited the Alabama Gulf Coast in the past two years, you may already know the Leave Only Footprints rules that prohibit leaving gear on the beach overnight. In fact, crews will pick up any items left overnight and discard them.

So while you’re planning this spring’s beach getaway, take a few moments to learn the rules of Leave Only Footprints prior to your trip.

The program presents you with the opportunity to contribute to the care of Alabama’s beautiful beaches for generations to come. You do that when you:

  • Put trash in the proper bin (there are receptacles for recycling, too).
  • Watch out for sea turtles, birds and other wildlife that make their nests near the shore.
  • Fill in large holes that can endanger other beachgoers.
  • Teach young explorers to respect nature by following your example.

We want families to come and enjoy a wonderful visit to our spectacular beaches. And we also want to keep our coast looking awesome for many generations to come. So get acquainted with Leave Only Footprints rules and pack for your beach day accordingly. You’ll enjoy a great beach getaway, and you’ll be a good steward of our natural resources.

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