Teach children to Leave Only Footprints

//Teach children to Leave Only Footprints

Teach children to Leave Only Footprints

To protect our natural resources for the next generation, teach the next generation conservation practices today.

Lead by example. You know that children learn best by what you show them, not by what you tell them. If kids see you picking up litter and marine debris when you’re at the beach, they’ll learn to do that, too. Remind them that litter endangers marine life.

Teach them to recycle. Recycling bins are available at our public beaches, so show your kids the proper receptacles to dispose of bottles and plastic.

Also teach children to put trash in the designated trash cans.

Participate in clean-up days. Each September, the Alabama Coastal Cleanup takes place on our local shores. Sign up as a family to help with the effort in the morning, then enjoy the rest of the day on pristine beaches.

Be respectful of wildlife. Turtles and birds that make their homes on our shores need us to help protect their nesting areas. Let your kids know how important our sea oats and sand dunes are so they’ll know why it’s important to use the boardwalk or a walkway. 

Last, but not least, teach them to be respectful of others. It’s basic courtesy to leave a place better than you found it. They’re never too young to learn that concept.

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