Tips to go green when you’re not at the beach

//Tips to go green when you’re not at the beach

Tips to go green when you’re not at the beach

It’s easy to go green at the beach. We even put receptacles out for you to recycle those plastic bottles.

But did you know little changes even back home can make a big difference to the environment? The first step is simply to throw away less. You’ve seen the slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

How? Simple. Buy used. Everything from clothes to building materials to furniture can be bought at consignment shops. And when you get ready to get rid of your stuff, consider donating or selling rather than throwing it away.

Buy reusable items instead of disposable ones. Take a canvas bag to the grocery store instead of plastic bags.

Don’t just throw out those old electronics. Donate used computers or cell phones to a school or thrift store. Many of the manufacturers offer in-store or drop-off sites.

A big one for protecting our coast is using environmentally friendly ways to control pests in your yard or garden. Runoff of pollutants ends up in local waterways. Check with your local extension agency on the best practices or watch this U.S. Environmental Protection Agency video.

Taking care of our planet is everyone’s responsibility. And we all benefit.

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