Beach departure checklist

//Beach departure checklist

Beach departure checklist

You’ve just enjoyed another glorious day on the Alabama beaches and it’s time to pack it in for the night.

We’ve got a quick five-step checklist to ensure you Leave Only Footprints and keep the spot pristine for the next visitors.

First, pick up all your trash. And when we say “all,” we mean those little can tabs, bottle caps, snack wrappers and cigarette butts. It may seem small, but it adds up. Make it a game for the kids to see who can pick up the most.

Next, put the items collected in the proper receptacles. We’ve placed recycle and trash bins on all our public beaches. Just drop all disposable items in there on your way out.

Third, fill in those holes in the sand. Kids love to dig, but a small hole can mean a twisted ankle for someone walking the beach at night. Be considerate and fill it in before you leave.

Next, pack up all your gear. Leave Only Footprints regulations prohibit leaving anything on the beach overnight, including beach chairs, toys, umbrellas or tents. If you have a beach wagon or rolling cooler, just stack it up and take it in.

Last, take another good look around to ensure you have everything, then use designated walking paths or boardwalks to avoid stepping on vegetation.

That’s it. Easy-peasy. Thank you for keeping our beaches beautiful!

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