One of the most popular scenes to capture on your smartphone’s camera is the perfect beach sunset photo.

How do you accomplish it?

  1. Find out the sunset time as well as Golden Hour (the last hour of sun for the day) for your location.
  2. Clouds can add beautiful dimension and color to your photos, so keep an eye on the weather report.
  3. Scout your beach location, but be mindful of private property!
  4. Turn off your flash, which should allow for the natural light to take over.
  5. Use something to help stabilize your hand and your phone, such as a pocket-size tripod.
  6. Take your time. Don’t be afraid to shift angles and directions.
  7. Enjoy the moments with friends and family. Sometimes trying to get a good shot will be the best by-product of your experience.

Don’t forget to respect the beach while enjoying what nature has to offer!

  • Keep off the dunes. Use the boardwalks and walkways when provided.
  • Do not step on vegetation. Their root systems hold the dunes together.
  • Please do not litter! Pick up all your trash and recycle what you can.

Enjoy the white sand and the beautiful sunsets, and Leave Only Footprints behind.