Get your catching arms ready for Mardi Gras on the Gulf Coast! Some fantastic family-friendly Mardi Gras parades are on the schedule for Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.

We all love to join in the revelry, but Mardi Gras can provide challenges to keep our beaches and roadways clean. Below are some things you can do to help Leave Only Footprints this carnival season.

  • Do not leave any structures or lawn chairs after your departure from the parade route.
  • Keep a trash bag handy for your own trash, plus pick up the litter around you.
  • Share the wealth! Pass along throws to those around you who might enjoy them more. Or send a piece of Mardi Gras out of state to friends or family.
  • Consider recycling your unused parade throws by:
    • Passing them back to a friend or family member who is a society member or float rider.
    • Create fun art projects out of the beads. Draw some inspiration from Kathleen McCarron’s works of art or create your own fun, unique piece.
    • Donate them to organizations that will repackage the beads as a fundraiser to support their causes. Krispy Kreme often offers a program where a pound of beads can be traded for a dozen donuts.

Throw me somethin’, Mister! And let the good times roll GREEN this Mardi Gras!