Respect the animals you encounter at the beach

//Respect the animals you encounter at the beach

Respect the animals you encounter at the beach

While you enjoy visiting our beautiful shores, keep in mind that our beaches have local wildlife residents.

Several species of wildlife make their homes in the sand, plants and dunes of our coast. Please do your part to keep their homes safe while you enjoy your time frolicking in the waves.

Here are a few ways to do just that:

Give nesting areas some space. Even if you don’t see birds, that doesn’t mean eggs and nests may not be in the area. Those nests can be well camouflaged. If you see posted fencing or signs, steer clear. Why is that important? When humans enter a posted area, it may unintentionally scare off the parents, leaving chicks and eggs vulnerable to predators, overheating from the sun, being stepped on, or falling and drowning in water near the nests. Wildlife experts say a single disturbance can destroy an entire colony.

Avoid bright lights on the beach at night. Instead, use a red LED filter on flashlights, or a long wave light. Cellphone lights are too bright, scaring sea turtles away from nest areas.

Don’t feed birds, and do take all trash and uneaten food with you. Leftover food attracts predators that can attack turtle nests and bird nests as well as young hatchlings. Trash can also be mistaken for food by birds.

Simple steps can protect our wildlife population.

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