Recycling can be confusing for the general consumer of disposable goods. What container does it go in? What do these little numbers mean? And when the average Joe is left with these questions unanswered, it results in a large amount of recyclable waste contaminated. Contamination refers to the mixing of regular trash – such as food waste, styrofoam, diapers and other items – with the good recycling materials.

We live in a society of people who are looking to the future and want to do what is BEST for our environment. But lack of knowledge makes it difficult for them to know what and how to recycle. One of the best practices that can be adopted is standardized recycling labels.

What are standardized recycling labels? These labels developed by Recycle Across America have been named as “one of the most important environmental fixes taking root today” by the New York Times. The clear, easy-to-read recycling labels for bins educate citizens to recycle RIGHT. By adopting these labels nationwide, it has been proven to increase recycling levels by 50-100%!

How can you help effect a positive change in recycling? Purchase labels from Recycle Across America and use them at home as well as in your business. Incorporate guidelines on how to recycle correctly. Lastly, advocate in your community by contacting your government representatives. In fact, Recycle Across America has made it very easy with their simple leader-contact form.

Recycling doesn’t have to be confusing. Do what you can in your community to encourage and educate about recycling. Thanks to the great team at Recycle Across America, you can find many helpful tools to help you impact our environment in a positive way!