1 02, 2017

Blue heron: fisherman’s friend or foe?

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If you have visited our Alabama Gulf Coast, you have most likely seen a great blue heron, a wading bird that stands as tall as four feet and has a wingspan of nearly six feet. They are loners, so it’s not unusual to see a solitary, thin silhouette of one close to the shoreline at sunrise or sunset.

No doubt about it: Herons are built to catch fish. Those stately, majestic, great blue herons stand perfectly still while stalking their prey. […]

28 12, 2016

Unpack the Beach Bag: What Doesn’t Belong on the Beach

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So you are preparing to hit the beach. You know what to put in the beach bag, right? A beach towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat. Plenty of water and snacks. Maybe a good novel to read while you pass the time.

But do you know what does not belong at the beach? There are items you need to leave out of that beach bag due to local, state or federal laws or ordinances that prohibit them.

On the Alabama Gulf Coast, items that […]

21 12, 2016

Hidden Dangers for Dolphins

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You love to see dolphins when you visit the Alabama coast, right? Everyone does! But those magnificent creatures face dangers from tourists, polluted waters and boat traffic.

There’s no doubt that viewing wild dolphins in their natural habitat can be a wonderful, thrilling experience. But there are steps you should take to make sure dolphins stay safe.

When you approach wild dolphins too quickly, move too close or make too much noise, you increase the risk of disturbing their natural behaviors, such […]

15 12, 2016

Four tips for packing the perfect beach picnic

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Show of hands: Who likes to picnic at the beach? 

Who doesn’t?! There are few things in life as simplistic and wonderful as a day spent on the beach with your family. And that means having plenty of snacks and food ready so you don’t have to leave once you get set up. 

Want to know some secrets to packing a great picnic lunch when you head out to a spot on the Alabama beaches?

First, take lots of finger foods. No need […]

7 12, 2016

Why Preserving the Beach is Everyone’s Responsibility

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Have you seen the Leave Only Footprints rules posted on signs? Do you know why it’s important to keep our beaches free of litter and left-behind tents or beach chairs?

Of course, we want to keep those white-sand beaches pristine and clean for all to enjoy. In fact, we think the Alabama Gulf Coast is just about the most beautiful place on the planet. But litter – including packaging, bottle caps and cigarette butts – is unsightly and takes away from […]

23 11, 2016

Meeting the Clean Coast challenge as a community

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When the business community, local residents and visitors all get on the same page to keep a clean island, good things happen!

So, what can the community do? Glad you asked!

First is to ensure your business and home are “green.”

That means using recycled paper and glass products, recycling your waste and reducing energy consumption. In addition, take public transit when you can, carpool, or even walk or bike when it’s safe to do so. Does every member of the family really […]

16 11, 2016

Easy ways to clean up the beach

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Don’t know how to help keep our beaches clean? 

Let’s start with: If you take it to the beach, take it back with you. Throw your trash in the cans provided. Don’t leave behind plastic bottles, food wrappers, diapers, or even cigarette butts.

There are some things not allowed on Alabama beaches, such as glass containers, metal shovels, litter, tents or structures larger than 10 feet by 10 feet, fireworks and fires. And overnight camping is prohibited. 

The Alabama Coastal Cleanup is held […]

10 11, 2016

Is your beach turtle-friendly?

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You know about the Alabama sea turtles, right? The females make their way hundreds of miles each year to the beach where they hatched so that they can lay their own eggs in the same nesting spot.

From May through October, these creatures become our neighbors. And they are very vulnerable ones. When the eggs hatch, the hatchlings follow the light to the warm Gulf of Mexico waters to begin their own trek. But beach lighting, such as parking lot lights […]

2 11, 2016

Keeping our beaches healthy for the future

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In Alabama, we’re pretty lucky. Visitors go to our local beaches expecting – and finding – beautiful and clean surroundings.

That’s not how it is in all beach locations in the U.S. In 2013, for example, America’s beaches experienced more than 20,000 closing and advisory days for the third consecutive year because of polluted water or threatened contamination, according to the beach water quality report by the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Fortunately for us, Alabama’s beaches top the list of “superstar” beaches, […]

26 10, 2016

Saying Goodbye to the Sea Turtles

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More sea turtle hatchlings have made it to the relative safety of the Gulf of Mexico from our beaches than in years past, according to Mike Reynolds, turtle czar for Share the Beach, the Alabama sea turtle conservation program.

As of September, approximately 14,000 sea turtle hatchlings had emerged from nests along the Alabama Gulf Coast, but Reynolds reminds us the season is not over yet. “Higher numbers are being reported all along the northern Gulf Coast, from here to Panama […]